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    • The Raiser’s Edge, a Review
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, January 5, 2015 This is not a book for beginning poker players. In fact, The Raiser’s Edge is not for most poker players. Rather, in the fast-changing tournament poker universe, this book is directed towards a new type of player, looser and more aggressive than those who have previously hit the […]
    • Improving Your Game with Moorman’s Book of Poker
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, December 28, 2014 British professional poker player Chris Moorman describes himself on his website as “the most accomplished online poker player in the world.” He’s not exaggerating. Moorman, known as Moorman1 online, has cashed for $11.8 million in tournament winnings and has been ranked #1 online player worldwide twenty times. Read […]
    • My 10 New Year’s Poker Resolutions
      Posted by Lee Davy, December 7, 2014 With the current year readying itself for the memory banks, it’s time to sharpen that pencil. A new year is coming and with it a brand new set of New Year poker resolutions. Get a sheet of paper out, get thinking, and start scribbling. Did you know that […]
    • The Poker Art of War
      Posted by Rod Stirzaker, December 1, 2014 What have poker, armed combat and a 2,500 year old Chinese general called Sun Tzu got in common? The answer is war. Read more
    • Poker Documentaries, Their Importance and the Very Best
      Updated January 19, 2015 Quite a few poker documentaries have been produced in recent years, giving the public a chance to view videos and films that report the enormous growth of poker's popularity, as well as the rise of online poker and the poker boom. In the following feature article, we turn to two of […]
    • 7 Problems the Poker Hall of Fame Needs to Address
      Posted by Steve Ruddock, October 19, 2014 Following the announcement of the ten Poker Hall of Fame finalists in September, I wrote that the institution is a bit of a joke, essentially a gimmick that isn't being taken serious. Many people, I said in an article published at 4Flush, are demanding changes to the Poker […]
    • The Big Blind, a Book Review
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, October 13, 2014 Consider this poker fans. It’s the final moments of a World Series of Poker bracelet event. One million dollars in prize money, all of it in one hundred dollar bills, has been placed on the tournament table between the two remaining contenders. The dealer is shuffling the cards […]
    • Did Phil Ivey Cheat in Baccarat?
      Posted by Bradley, October 5, 2014 Read more
    • The Blackjack Life, a Review
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, September 30, 2014 Advantage play in Blackjack is any effort to win more using “honest” skills such as memory, computation and observation. Counting cards, for example, lets a Blackjack player know when the odds are in his favor and on what occasions he should make bigger bets. These techniques, while considered […]
    • Poker Therapy: How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Game
      Posted by Davida Mintz, September 28, 2014 Suppose you’ve identified a major leak in your game and have decided to do something about it. Start by figuring out whether the problem’s with your technical game, or if it’s emotionally based. Get a poker coach if it’s technical, but when you’re prone to tilt, playing angry […]
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