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    • How to Make the Most of Your Poker Travels
      Faraz Jaka is known throughout the poker world for his many accomplishments. He has won tournaments, made numerous final tables on tours like the WPT and EPT, and he has won more than $4.5 million in live tournaments added to millions more through online poker. He is also a world traveler. Read more
    • Poker Ergonomics - Good Posture Will Improve Your Game
      Whether you play poker for a living or just for recreation, it is easy to accumulate many hours in front of your screen(s). You should therefore think about the impact your playing posture has on your health and concentration and, therefore, your success at the tables. Read more
    • What Social Factors Affect Success at the Poker Table?
      How many of us have gone through one too many bad beats and ended up at home, perhaps miserable, desperate for the tricks of the trade? How many of us have said, at one point or another, that some poker players are better than others because they are younger, older, men, women, experienced, aggressive, richer, […]
    • Poker AI: Can the Ultimate Computer Beat the Best Human?
      The University of Alberta created quite a stir when it announced that their poker-playing computer "Cepheus" had solved Heads Up Limit Texas Hold’em. Cepheus relies on Artificial Intelligence (the ability to learn) allowing the thinking computer to adapt to its opponents. The announcement had some wondering if this was the end of poker – if […]
    • Poker Tells, What They Are and How to Read Them
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, February 23, 2015 By definition, a poker tell is “a change in a player's behaviour or demeanour” that can give others clues regarding the value of that player’s hand. While there are poker tells in online play, the classical definition refers to movements (or the lack thereof) in the player’s face, […]
    • 7 Greatest Ever Poker Fights
      Posted by Barry Carter, February 18, 2015 On the surface poker might seem like a gentle good-natured game, but the reality is that it is war with money. Good poker requires you to get inside the head of your opponents and batter them into submission. That means that the game can get very personal, and […]
    • Fifty Shades of Poker
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, February 16, 2015 I scowl with frustration at myself as I sit at the table. Damn my cards – they just won’t behave, and damn my opponents for hitting the river and subjecting me to this ordeal. I should be knocking them out, making the final table, yet here I am […]
    • The Raiser’s Edge, a Review
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, January 5, 2015 This is not a book for beginning poker players. In fact, The Raiser’s Edge is not for most poker players. Rather, in the fast-changing tournament poker universe, this book is directed towards a new type of player, looser and more aggressive than those who have previously hit the […]
    • Improving Your Game with Moorman’s Book of Poker
      Posted by Ellis Shuman, December 28, 2014 British professional poker player Chris Moorman describes himself on his website as “the most accomplished online poker player in the world.” He’s not exaggerating. Moorman, known as Moorman1 online, has cashed for $11.8 million in tournament winnings and has been ranked #1 online player worldwide twenty times. Read […]
    • My 10 New Year’s Poker Resolutions
      Posted by Lee Davy, December 7, 2014 With the current year readying itself for the memory banks, it’s time to sharpen that pencil. A new year is coming and with it a brand new set of New Year poker resolutions. Get a sheet of paper out, get thinking, and start scribbling. Did you know that […]
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